5 Badigadi Facts and Strengths “Mushoku Tensei,” Fighting God

Facts Anime – Badigadi is one of Mushoku Tensei’s “Great World Powers.” He is a Fighting God who is in 3rd place. Badigadi is at Rank-3, the power of the Mushoku Tensei world, which proves that his abilities are enormous and terrifying. Until now, the Badigadi character has not been shown in the anime.

The Badigadi character is described as very tall body with a muscular body. He has six very strong and muscular arms. His hair is purple, and his skin looks black, which usually turns brown when he’s drunk. His detailed appearance has not been shown clearly. However, he is usually seen always wearing shorts and not wearing clothes.

Badigadi Mushoku Tensei Facts – Fighting God

The power of Badigadi

Badigadi is a very old character, and he is one of the oldest creatures in the Mushoku Tensei anime. In addition, he has a very strange personality and is sometimes serious in some ways. Here I will discuss the Badigadi character, but this article contains SPOILERS.

One of the Oldest Creatures

Badigadi is one of the oldest characters in the Mushoku Tensei anime. He lived even before the Laplace War occurred. The history of Laplace’s battle is a story that everyone has long known, and Badigadi is a part of that history.

Badigadi is a demon who has lived for a long time. Before the war happened, he was called the Demon King, who bestows wisdom.

Kishirika Kishirisu’s fiancé

Badigadi already has a fiancé, namely Kishirika Kishirisu. Since a long time ago, he always guarded and protected Kishirika Kishirisu. It is said that they are “Loyal” to each other; however, Kishirika Kishirisu gives Badigadi waivers. Because their bodies are very different (Kishirika Kishirisu is small, while Badigadi is very large), Kishirika Kishirisu allows Badigadi to sleep with other women.

One of his personalities is always “holding” lots of beautiful women. Maybe it all came from Kishirika Kishirisu allowing him to sleep with or date, other women.

Endless Adventurer

Badigadi always goes on long journeys to find and fight with the strongest creatures. He seeks someone who is strong and challenges him in a duel, including the struggle for power rankings. He lives very freely and seems “strange.” Endless wanderings continue to be made in search of the satisfaction of fighting and worldly passions.

Even though Badigadi is very “Freak,” he always acts very seriously when it comes to the people he loves. He always fights to protect everyone close to him.

5 Badigadi Facts and Strengths "Mushoku Tensei," Fighting God

Have a Grudge Against Ruijerd?

There are many theories that Badigadi holds a grudge against Ruijerd. All of that might be true because, during the Human-Demon Race war, there were heavy casualties caused by the Supard tribe. All of that will be seen in the next anime story (maybe).

Fighting God Badigadi

As previously explained, Badigadi is a very old creature. He became a very influential part of history in the world of Mushoku Tensei.

Badigadi was tricked by Hitogami. To protect Kishirika Kishirisu, Badigadi was tricked by Hitogami (the Human God) into stealing the “Golden Armor” and became a Fighting God. Badigadi joined the fight and succeeded in splitting the Soul of Laplace (Second Generation Dragon God) into two parts, namely Demon God and Technique God.

The power of Badigadi

Badigadi has extraordinary strength. He is one of the seven world powers. Until now, Badigadi’s powers have been shown, namely Eternal (Almost immortal), Touki, and Immunity to the Devil’s Eye.

Badigadi has an “Immortal” body. When his body is destroyed, then he can easily recover his body. This ability can be used very quickly. Apart from that, he can also protect his entire body by using reinforcement magic.

Badigadi drank an unknown “Drug,” The drug made him completely immune to the evil eye. The medicine was found in an old dragon ruin.

So those are the Facts and Strengths of Badigadi which are known so far. For more details, you can read LN or Manga.

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