5 Powers and Facts of Suguru Geto “Jujutsu Kaisen,” Control of Cursed Spirits

Facts Anime – Suguru Geto’s power is a type of Cursed Spirit Control Jujutsu. He can control multiple Spirits at once and use them in battle. Suguru Geto was originally a student of Masamichi Yaga and also a close friend of Satoru Gojo.

Suguru Geto has a hatred for non-magical humans, and it triggers an incident that results in the slaughter of more than 100 non-magicians in 1 night. After that incident, Suguru Geto was declared the worst wizard and was expelled from high school. The hatred Suguru Geto felt stemmed from his experience as a jujutsu wizard. There was a possibility that he already knew the meaning of a “Curse.”

Suguru Geto Facts

Suguru Geto Facts

Suguru Geto hates non-magical humans and considers them disgusting monkeys. 2 things can be “Forgiven” in humans. Namely, humans are collectors of money and collectors of curses. If a non-magician human does not have these two criteria, then he will happily kill him.

Suguru Geto Appreciates everyone who owns Jujutsu/Witch. He tends to think of them as his own family, even if they are demons or cursed spirits. He thinks that Witches are the Evolution of humans which makes him think that people who don’t have powers are just disgusting monkeys.

When Suguru Geto fought Yuta Okkotsu, he felt his longing for “mutual protection” between friends. At first, he thought that magicians were only made to protect non-magicians. But the fact that he saw Yuta and his friends protecting each other made Suguru Geto cry and say “miss” or something like that.

When he was still at school, Suguru Geto was the most polite and calm student who always put his friends first. However, after the death of one of his friends, Riko Amanai, he began to show a different feeling because when Riko died, many people “applauded.” Suguru Geto does many missions alone and finds out why he has to become a wizard. For who? Well, all the answers he got by concluding that a magician was made to protect non-magicians.

Suguru Geto was lost and got the final answer to his thoughts. The curse comes from Non-magicians who have rotten hearts and minds. Therefore he must kill all non-magicians to remove all existing curses.

Suguru Geto fought to create a world filled with only Witches. And he is willing to exterminate all monkeys (Non-Magician) in the world.

Suguru Geto’s power

Suguru Geto is one of the 4 Special class magicians. He can easily complete very difficult missions, and his use in controlling cursed spirits makes Suguru and Gojo the strongest in the school. Even though Suguru Geto is a spirit controller, he doesn’t always rely on his strength because he often uses his martial power on the level of a close combat expert to fight.

Suguru Geto has a very large collection of Cursed Spirits. He refers to it as “Religion” and continues to search for powerful curses, including Rika’s curse that resides in Yuta’s body. Suguru Geto plans to kill Yuta Okkotsu and take the cursed Vengeful Spirit in his body, Rika. But the attempt failed, and Yuta managed to save himself.

Suguru is a great melee fighter, and he can beat Panda, who has very strong martial arts. Then he also managed to block Yuta’s sword attack and take Rika’s punch at the same time. Not only is his strength great, but he also has a very intelligent mind and can formulate a strategy maturely without the slightest gap.

Immense Cursed Energy

Suguru Geto has very high curse energy, and he can control Thousands of Curse Spirits at one time. His power is also able to see the energy of the enemy’s curse, and he can also channel all of his energy into any form, such as weapons and others.

Cursed Spirit Manipulation

Suguru Geto can control and manipulate cursed Spirits that wander (Vagabonds). Then he is also able to steal the cursed Spirit controlled by another person on the condition that he must kill the handler.

Maximum Uzumaki

This power is used by Suguru by combining all of his Cursed Spirit’s power in one attack. When fighting Yuta Okkotsu, he uses this technique by combining 4000++ Power of a cursed Spirit in 1 attack.


This technique is used to hide everything that is in a certain area, including to confine the enemy in it. This technique could hide everything within it, and everyone outside would not be able to see it.

Playful Cloud

Playful Cloud is a special cursed tool that he uses against Yuta and Rika. This tool can fend off, hold and attack the enemy at one time. This proved that Playful Cloud had an important role in his martial arts.

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